Experiencing Hakomi

The Method of Assisted Self-Discovery Done in Mindfulness

This workshop is useful if you wish to: • Develop your capacity for mindfulness
• Learn to study your present experience
• Begin to understand your habitual responses
• Improve your communication and relationship skills
• Be kind to yourself

HAKOMI workshops bring together a group of people in a real, yet out of the ordinary social situation. Offering time and space to engage in clear, simple exercises done in mindfulness. The Principles used in Hakomi are: • Unity
• Organicity
• Mindfulness
• Non-Violence
• Mind-Body Holism

Our workshop is aimed at anybody with an interest in learning more about themselves, practicing Hakomi skills, and having a healing experience.

If you are dipping your toes in for the first time or if you have been along before there will be something for you here.